Zermat products

Zermat offers the most complete range of vacuum packaging machinery and complementary treatments such as shrinking and drying of pieces

Vacuum packaging machines

Tabletop packaging machines

You can use tabletop packaging machines in different ways. Equipped without forget any detail.

The range is distributed in the JazzVac, BluesVac, RapVac and RockVac series 


JazzVac Atom

Small and compact

JazzVac Mini

Equipped and functional

JazzVac Mini+

Bigger than JazzVac Mini model

JazzVac 30

Special for small spaces

JazzVac 35

Bigger than JazzVac 30 model

JazzVac 42

Powerful Busch pump

JazzVac 42+

Bigger than JazzVac 42 model


BluesVac 35

Completely programmable

BluesVac 42

Advanced control panel

BluesVac 42+

Memorizable programs

BluesVac 52

Vacuum controlled by sensor


RockVac 42

Touch screen

RockVac 42+

Bigger than RockVac 42 model

Packaging machines for the Industry

Vacuum packers with large capacity, versatile and modular in their configuration for personalized treatment. There are 7 models from the most useful to optimize processes.

The range is distributed in the Medium and Medium+ series with different models with very complete features. 


CV 100

Industrial chamber

CV 200

Compact with powerful pump

CV 800

Perfect for large pieces

CV 1000

Large capacity chamber

Medium +

CV 1000+

Bigger than CV 1000 model

CV 1100+

Simple and large

CV 1000 Pro

Bigger and higher

CV 1400

Ideal for large pieces

High production packaging machines

Vacuum packers for larger pieces with the option of duplicating the packaging process. 

The range is distributed in the Large and Extra Large series with different models to adapt to high levels of production.

Zermat Large

DC 500

Control panel with 10 programs

DC 750

Vacuum control by sensor

DC 850

Easy maintenance

DC 950

The bigger one

Zermat Extra Large

CV 910

Continuous packaging



High demand

Shrinking and Drying

Retraction tanks combinable with DR1 drying tunnel. An excellent choice for production processes.

The range is distributed in TR7, TR 8A and TR10

Manual Shrinking

TR 7

Small model

Automatic Shrinking



Big capacity

Modelo TR10. Tanque Retráctil automático.

TR 10

Always working



DR 1

Tunnel with conveyor belt



Thermosealers Solid and robust stainless steel constructions. Programmable, easy and intuitive panels.

The range is distributed in TBG, TBG+, TB3, TB2, TB5 and TB4


Sealing time control


Control panel with 10 programs.

TB 2

Vacuum + gas

TB 2

Vacuum + gas

TB 2

Vacuum + gas

TB 4

The best option

TB 5

Vacuum traysealer with SKIN option



Here you can find some options to complement your daily work

The range is distributed in SR 90N , Vac Giver, VacTester, Oxybaby 


SR 90N

Gut feeder

Vac Giver

Agility in the bagging of products

Vac Tester

Control and verification of vacuum


Exact control on each packaging