Zermat CV 1000 PRO

Industrial vacuum packaging machines

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Industrial vacuum packaging machine.

Automatic equipment with programming of continuous cycle or the "hands free" activation by a foot sensor.

Inner belt for automatic bag discharge. The seal bars located at the top.

Vacuum pump. Busch 160m3/h (optional 300 m3/h).

Automatic equipment with programming of continuous cycle or the "hands free" activation by a foot sensor.

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions: 1180 x 870 x 1310 mm
  • Chamber inner dimensions: 1054 x 630 x 220 mm
  • Seal bars:
    • a) 2 x 1000 mm
    • b) 1 x 900 mm + 1 x 550 mm
    • c) 2 x 900 mm + 1 x 550 mm (3 seal bar optional)
  • Vacuum pump: Busch 160 m3/h (300 m3/h)
  • Electric connection 3F - 380V - (1F - 230V)
  • Power: 5’5 Kw
  • Pneumatic connection: 6Bar
  • Weight: 490 Kg
Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)


  • 100% in stainless steel construction.
  • Automated opening and closing of the lid.
  • Automatic lid closure: programmable or operated with hands-free system (foot sensor).
  • Double grooved seal bars with programmable cut-off-seal.
  • LED control panel with synchronizable printer.
  • Equipment synchronizable with an automatic Shrink tank.


  • Inert gas injection.
  • 3 seal bar optional
  • Cut-off-seal.
  • 1-2-Cut-off-seal.
  • Internal conveyor belt for the product expulsion.
  • Synchronized side belt for product entry.
  • Extra height of chamber.
  • Installation for external vacuum pump.
  • 160m3 / h Busch vacuum pump (outside).
  • Automatic top lid in continuous mode or operable by the "hands-free" system with detector sensor.
  • Automated bag unloading.
  • Shrink tank synchronizable with most packaging lines, reception from adjustable packaging machine and expulsion to an automatic dryer.
  • Equipment designed for integration into automatic packaging lines.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Manufactured with working operation for loading-unloading products from right to left (standard) or in the opposite direction, for the best adaptation to each production line.
  • Air knife drying system at room temperature and connected to a high power turbine.

Automatic lines with CV1000 PRO

Twin option, one user controls two computers

Double bell system with the following advantages:

  • Each equipment is independent and does not depend on the other (greater reliability in daily production).
  • Both units are loaded with product by a single operator.
  • The operator must not move for bag loading.
  • Belt inside each chamber for the automatic bag discharge.
  • Both equipment always unload the bags at the same point, this can be a conveyor belt or a fixed table.
  • Synchronizable setting with an automatic shrinking and drying line.
  • Possibility of making the investment in two phases.
  • Fast and versatile equipment, suitable for high production packaging of all types of products, from cheeses and cured meats, to fresh meats, fish or other components.

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