Traysealer TBG PRO and TBG+ PRO

Vacuum traysealer

termoselladora zermat TBG

Traysealer TBG PRO and TBG+ PRO with PERIMETER CUT included

Mold with perimeter cut of the upper film in the contour of the tray. Finished sealing without film around the tray. This traysealer offers a perfect appearance and high quality.

The TBG PRO, has a compact size with an only drawer.

The TBG+ PRO, has extra measures for larger trays or for use it with a mold with 2 cavities for 2 trays.

Maximum productivity with this PRO traysealing equipment

Technical specifications:

  • External dimensions:
    • TBG PRO : 300 x 610 x 690 mm
    • TBG+ PRO: 460 x 610 x 690 mm
  • Electrical connection: 1F - 230 V
  • Power: 750W
  • Weight: 30Kg / 45kg
Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)

General information

  • PERIMETER CUT included. This option allows offers a hight quality finished on each sealing tray. The remain film around the tray is completely eliminated.
  • Programmable sealing time.
  • Regulation for a perfect sealing on any type of film material and corresponding tray
  • Electronic temperature control with ready acoustic warning and end of cycle.
  • Perfect product presentation with quality delivery in any precooked or prepared dish.
  • Hygienic and watertight sealing.
  • Maximum security for the user.
  • Specific non-interchangeable mold.

Option to work with gas injection to preserve the shelf life of the food (requires connection to a food gas supply).

Includes a custom mold, these are not interchangeable. (mold with 1 or 2 cavities, consult the rest).

Maximum dimensions of trays to be packaged:
TBG PRO: 190 x 260mm
TBG+ PRO: 325 x265 mm

Maximum film reel size:
TBG PRO: Width 420mm - Ø 180mm
TBG+ PRO: Ancho 420mm - Ø 200mm

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