Welding rod repairer

Accessory for the Small and Large Range

zermat-reparacion barras de soldadura 900x900

This accessory will help you in the maintenance and repair of the welding bars in the Small and Large Range models.

Just remove the Teflon paper
Remove the sealing rod to be replaced
Use Zermat replacement rods of exact measurements.

Zermat has at your disposal all the necessary spare parts for proper maintenance of your packaging machine.

How does it work:

  • Remove the Teflon paper from the bar to be repaired.
  • Remove the sealing rod to be replaced.
  • Have on hand the new original Zermat rod that has the necessary measurements.
  • Tension the rod inside the bar, leaving about 4 mm.
  • The tension prevents the rod from expanding during each sealing cycle.
  • Cut the excess rod
  • You will see that the sealing rods are curved so that they are tensioned and do not suffer this expansion.


Video tutorial for the correct use of welding rod repairer with all the necessary explanations.
To order your replacement rods contact Zermat directly.

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