Better appearance of the product and greater benefits in the packaging

The finish of the shrink vacuum packaging

The shrinking-vacuum packaging is possible for most products.

The finish of the SHRINKING vacuum packaging, improves greatly the appearance of the product, especially in cheeses and fresh meats, since the food is presented without excess of plastic around it.

It also improves the appearance, since the juices or blood in the meat have no space to go out through the excess of the plastic. All liquids remain around the piece.

Shrinkable vacuum packaging also helps to compact the packaged food; any part is compacted by the vacuum packaging, and with this process, the bag shrinks by 30%, the product is compacted better and more evenly.

How it works?

The process and the type of vacuum packaging machine for this application would be the same as for packaging in standard bags.

For packaging in this format, the vacuum bags to be used should be of shrinkable material.

Once the product is already vacuum packed, it is subjected for 2-4 seconds to a water immersion at 80º-90º, in this way all the surplus of the bag shrinks and the package remains with a "second skin" appearance, without plastic surplus around the product.

Process characteristics

We have different manual or automatic equipment to perform the shrinking process at the end of the packaging cycle.

This process can be 100% automatic, without additional operating or labor costs.

The process and type of vacuum packaging machine for this application would be the same as for the packaging in standard bags.

Advantages of the Shrinking Vacuum packaging

Greater compaction of the product.

Better presentation of the product.

Packaging with greater adjustment.

Decrease in vacuum losses due to puncture.

Improvement of the quality of the packaged product.


Model TR10. Automatic Shrink tank.


Product without shrinking


Shrinked product