DR 1

zermat secador dr1

Air knife drying system.
Tunnel with conveyor belt.
Minimum maintenance
Equipment designed for integration into automatic packaging lines.

It is possible to synchronize our DR1 automatic drying equipment with the shrink tanks mod. TR8 and TR10.

The drying tunnel works in continuous operating; all the bags coming from the shrink tank go through the drying tunnel and leave it without water.

This process is highly recommended for projects / productions in which the bags have to be labeled just outside the shrinking process, or where the already shrinked bags have to be placed in cardboard boxes; to prevent them from decomposing with the water the bags, it is convenient to pass these through the DR1 drying tunnel.

Equipment designed for integration into automatic packaging lines.

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 1400 mm
  • Conveyor belt width: 600 mm
  • Maximum height of product to be dried: 250 mm
  • Minimum height of product to be dried: 15 mm
  • Working speed: variable
  • Production: continua
  • Electric connection: 3F - 380V (3F - 220V)
Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)


  • ​Tunnel with conveyor belt for the continuous drying of bags.
  • Drying system by air knife at room temperature and connected to a high-power turbine.
  • Solid and robust construction in stainless steel.
  • Adjustable upper and lower air output power.
  • Adjustable conveyor belt speed to adjust the lead time of the products through the air barrier.
  • Photocell for detection of incoming products; the turbine is activated-deactivated according to the product step.


  • ​Possibility to activate only the belt, without drying function.
  • High quality components for maximum durability.
  • Machine synchronizable to any continuous packaging line, possibility to connect with most shrink equipment with automated discharge.
  • Automatic lid in continuous mode or operable by "hands-free" system with detector sensor.
  • Equipment with automated bag unloading.
  • Shrink tank synchronizable with most packaging lines, reception from adjustable packaging machine and expulsion to an automatic drying tunnel.
  • Equipment designed for the integration into automatic packaging lines.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • For the best adaptation to each production line, the equipment can be produced with the work direction for loading-unloading of the products from right to left (standard) or in the opposite direction.
  • Drying system by air knife at room temperature and connected to a high-power turbine.
Synchronized packaging line CV910 + Shrink tank TR8 + Bags dryer DR1
Packaging line CV1000Pro + Shrink tank TR8 + Inverted shrink tank TR10E + Bags dryer DR1

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