Second sealing bar

Options on all models of industrial vacuum packaging machines

In all the models of industrial packaging machines the configuration with double bar of sealed is standard, and like option, many models can be equipped with third and fourth sealing bar.

In the SMALL range of table top packaging machines, the second sealing bar is available as an option (for models 42 and 42+ of the JAZZVAC and BLUESVAC series).

The BLUESVAC 52 model of the SMALL range is standard equipped with 2 sealing bars. Interesting option for the packaging of small or medium pieces.
The double bar allows to double the packaging production, since it admits to pack twice as many bags per cycle.

The more sealing surface the packaging machine has, the greater number of bags can be packed in each cycle.


Notable increase in production.

Greater work agility.

Shorter packaging cycle, as the chamber is fuller, there is less air to be vacuumed by the vacuum pump.

Less wear and tear of the packaging machine, you need fewer cycles to carry out production.

For maximum production is recommended, besides double sealing bar, a packaging with double vacuum chamber.
With this system the production is continued, the operator unloads and loads the chamber with bags, while the packaging machine carries out the packaging cycle in the other chamber.


Double chamber packaging machine with double seal bar mod. DC950.