Complete Range, Zermat Large

Vacuum packaging machines for Large Production.


1545 x 790 x 1090 mm
Extra-compact packaging machine to offer the packaging process in continuous and without pauses between cycles.

Adjusted measures to integrate into any space.
Vacuum pump: Busch 63m3/h.
Seal bars: 2 x 620mm.
Distance between seal bars: 400mm.

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1545 x 900 x 1175 mm
Medium capacity vacuum packaging machine.

100m3/h powerful Busch vacuum pump to offer continuous productions with high performance.

Seal bars: 2 x 620mm.
Distance between seal bars: 500mm.

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1545 x 1150 x 1180 mm
Vacuum packaging machine of high capacity and affordable price.

This packing machine is the perfect tool to achieve high production occupying the minimum space.

Equipped with the robust and fast Busch vacuum pump 160m3 / h.
Seal bars: 2 x 620 / 2 x 840mm.
Distance between seal bars: 750 / 530mm.

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1980 x 1230 x 1180 mm
Best-selling model.

Large capacity packaging and powerful Busch vacuum pump 300m3 / h.
Seal bars: 2 X 840mm.
Distance between bars: 830mm.

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2420 x 1210 x 1130 mm
Maximal capacity vacuum packaging machine.

Extra-large vacuum chamber to guarantee the maximum number of bags in each packaging cycle.

Automatic lid.
Possibility of automatic operation.
Powerful vacuum pump Busch 300m3/h.
Seal bars 2 x 1100 / 3 x 1100 / 2 x 850mm.
Distance between seal bars 730 / 470-230 / 1000mm.

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