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The installation of the retractable tank lines can be configured with manual shrink wrapping or automatic shrink wrapping. A retractable tank line is combined with an automatic drying tunnel completely synchronizing the two functions of each machine.

The best partner is a retractable line option with the TR10 model and the DR1 drying tunnel. The TR10 is a machine of solid construction with a panel of 20 programs, in addition its maintenance is simple and fast to facilitate the control of the times in all the aspects. The inner tape enters and dips the products for the desired time, ascends and extracts. It is a machine that solves and improves the times in high production lines thanks to its continuous shrinking function.

Download HERE all the information with the features offered by the TR10 retractable tank:

The ideal complement for the TR10 is the DR1 drying tunnel. The DR1 is a machine with an air knife drying system. The tunnel works with a conveyor belt. The DR1 has a minimum maintenance always to offer the best comfort to the company. It is made with high quality components for maximum durability, in addition to incorporating a range of options to fully adapt to your needs.

The DR1 is a device designed for integration into automatic packaging lines that combines perfectly to increase production in the shortest time.

Download HERE all the information with the features offered by the DR1 drying tunnel:

Setting of the Shrink tank

Setting of the water temperature (from 80 to 90ºC)

Program detection time of the input-activation, the immersion time and the product expulsion.

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See how works the automatic shrinking tank:

Zermat Shrinking AUTO TR8A

Zermat Shrinking AUTO TR10

Zermat Shrinking AUTO TR8A

The shrinking process is performed with a water immersion of the product already packaged at the maximum vacuum level. For this process it is necessary to use vacuum bags of a shrinkable material.

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