Traysealer TB 4


Termoselladora TB4

100% stainless steel construction, robust and compact. Model with automatic system for loading and unloading trays. Manufacture of molds to measure of each tray, easy exchange. Easy and intuitive control panel.

Specific traysealer for an automatic system for loading and unloading trays

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions 2595 x 940 x 1725 mm
  • Maximum tray measures to be packed: 1/2 Gr. 325 x 265 x 115 mm
  • Vacuum pump: Busch 63 m3/h included, 100m3/h Busch bomb option
  • Power: 5'8 kw
  • Inert gas pressure: 6 bar - 7 / 25 NI / C
  • Electrical connection: 3 / N / PE 400V 50Hz
Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)

General information of TB4 traysealer

  • Simple, robust and reliable equipment
  • Equipment 100% electric, does not require the connection for compressed air
  • Easily interchangeable molds
  • Extra compact design
  • Construction in stainless steel.
  • Vacuum control and compensation-gas injection by sensor
  • Configurable programs
  • Simple and basic maintenance
  • Easy access to all parts for maintenance or adjustments


  • Additional mold Gastronorm model, for standard formats
  • Additional designs, for special format sealer
  • Skin Function, skin-formatted tray packaging adaptation
  • Solder open easy, stamping system with tab for easy opening
  • Detection photocell, for packaging with printed film
  • Input air filtration group
  • 50lts compressor.
  • Vacuum Experience

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