Progressive air inlet in the chamber after finishing the Vacuum proces

The Soft-Air system protect the product and the bag

Standard available option in the whole range of packaging machines (except SMALL-Jazzvac). It allows programming the progressive entry of air into the chamber at the end of the packaging process. This process helps the product not to be deformed due to the decompression of the chamber; it also prevents the bag from being punctured if the product to be packaged has sharp tips or edges, such as bones or spikes.


Soft-Air operation

Es posible utilizar cualquier tipo de bolsa de vacío para el uso de esta aplicación. By activating the control panel and setting the seconds or desired vacuum percentage, the machine, by the sealing end cycle of the bag, goes to the slow aeration; during the seconds or percentage of the programmed vacuum, it begins the pressure of the bag on the product and the opening of the chamber will start progressively.

For this application it is possible to use any type of vacuum bag.

Recommended application for:

Vacuum packaging of pizzas, Carpaccio, sliced, and all types of flat products, in which the non-progressive air intake may causes the packages bend due to the pressure change.

Packaging of meats in portions that contain bones and sharp ends. It is also a solution for the packaging of fish and seafood or products with shell.

Vacuum packaging of electronic boards and fragile components.

Aireación con función Soft-Air Activada

El aire se introduce gradualmente en la cámara según el porcentaje o tiempo programados

La bolsa al vacío impacta sobre el producto de forma gradual y controlada

Con este proceso, se garantiza tanto la protección óptima del producto como de la bolsa al vacío

Video demostración envasadora con SOFT-AIR apagado

Video demostración envasadora con SOFT-AIR activado