TB2 Traysealers

Vacuum Traysealer with gas injection


Robust construction in stainless steel.
Control panel with 20 programs.
Progressive air inlet -softair-.
Sealing time control.
Easy maintenance.

Robust construction in stainless steel. Control panel with 20 programs.

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions:630 x 980 x 1.490 mm
  • Max. tray dimensions to be packed: 1/2 Gr. 325 x 265 x 115 mm.
  • Power: 2’3 kw
  • Vacuum pump: Busch 40 m3/h (opcional 63m3/h - 100m3/h)
  • Weight: 235 Kg
Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)

General information

  • Robustness and reliability.
  • Interchangeable dies in a few minutes.
  • Compact and ergonomic design.
  • Construction in stainless steel and anodized aluminium.
  • Sensor vacuum control.
  • Very compact equipment, it needs minimal space.
  • Vacuum pump integrated inside the cabinet.
  • Control panel with storable programs.
  • Programmable vacuum level and percentage of gas injection.
  • Perimeter cut of the top film in the tray contour.
  • Manufacture of dies adequate to each tray.
  • Optional sealing system with film flap for easy-open.
  • Easy and intuitive control panel.
  • Simple and robust machine with ergonomic design for the user.
  • 10 storable programs.
  • Integrated system for automatic winding and tensioning of the top film.
  • Sealing time control (seconds) and adjustable die temperature.
  • Control panel with stop button to interrupt the cycle (with or without sealing).
  • Film reel-picker arm on the back. This tightens the film at the time of sealing for a better finish.

* This equipment requires electrical + pneumatic connection (compressed air at 6-8 bar pressure)


  • ​Extra dies to work in different formats (as required or pre-designed).
  • Inlet air filter unit.
  • 50lts compressor. Special vacuum pumps.

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