Automatic equipment

Automated packaging lines for high productions.

Maximum performance with minimal staff

Our main specialty: The design and implementation of complete vacuum packaging, shrinking and drying lines.

From compact lines composed of a packaging machine with automatic and synchronized bag unloading with shrinking tank, to high performance lines composed of several packaging machines with automatic unloading to conveyor belts.

Productions from 600 to 2500 bags / hour.

Advantages of automatic equipment

Help in the conservation of some specific foods, especially those that cannot be caked.

Accurate production calculations and quick investment amortization.

Greater work comfort for the operator and also for the machine.

Video of the first vacuum packaging, shrinking and drying line produced by ZERMAT in 1990

We design your line as desired

Configuration of machines in comfortable arrangement for the operator.

Implementation in the working room to optimize spaces and production lines.

We study the best solution for each need, for further information...

Vacuum packaging machines serie Medium+ and ExtraLarg



Packaging machines configurable to suit every packaging need. Possibility of integrating chamber automatisms, loading and unloading of bags, and synchronization with shrinking and drying.



Packaging machine with continuous conveyor belt for automated loading and unloading of bags, synchronization possibilities with robotic loading systems and with shrinking and drying processes in bag unloading.

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