Percentage and vacuum time

All ZERMAT packaging machine models allow the Vacuum setting

The most models have the option to set a desired Vacuum percentage. For example, it is possible to set in the packaging of fresh pizzas a vacuum level of 95%, in this way 5% of air is maintained to preserve the sponginess.

Additionally, all packaging machines allow to set extra seconds of vacuum; when this is set to the maximum percentage 99'9%, it is possible to add extra seconds to ensure a maximum vacuum in the most difficult products, such as fresh products and parts with high humidity level.

Only the JazzVac models, of the SMALL Serie, do not allow the vacuum sensor control; in these models it is programmed by seconds.
The control panel incorporates a vacuum indicator - vacuum meter for vacuum level control - By combining the display of this indicator and pressing the "stop vacuum" function button on the control panel, it is possible to pack bags with a vacuum level in approximate percentage, manually.


Control panel with programming of vacuum level by sensor and possibility of additional time.


Control panel with vacuum setting by time. Seconds of vacuum (analog vacuum display)