Traysealers TBG PLUS

Vacuum Traysealer with gas injection


Traysealers with gas injection

Control panel with 10 programs.
Maximum tray size allowed: 400 x 260 mm
Sealing time control.
Easy maintenance.

Robust construction in stainless steel. Control panel with 10 programs.

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions: 460 x 610 x 690 mm
  • Closed dimensions: 460 x 610 x 465 mm
  • Connexió de gas: 2-4 Mbar (opcional)
  • Power: 950 W – 230 V
  • Weight: 45 Kg
Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)

General information

  • Traysealer, possibility of simple sealing or with gas application by flushing system
  • Automatic sealing, drawer system with sealing and cutting of film inside the chamber
  • Programmable sealing time. Regulation for a  perfect sealing on any type of film material and corresponding tray
  • Electronic temperature control with acoustic signal ready and end of cycle
  • Maximum tray size allowed: 400 x 260 mm
  • Maximum film reel size: width 400mm - diameter 180mm
  • Perfect product presentation with delivery quality in any pre-cooked or prepared dish
  • Hygienic and watertight sealing
  • Solid and robust construction in stainless steel and aluminum
  • Control panel with 10 programs
  • Maximum safety: sealing plate and film cutting blade inside the equipment
  • Option to work with gas injection to increase the shelf life of the food (requires connection to food gas supply)

Molds information

Custom mold

Recommended mold:

  • 2 units ¼ GN
  • 1 unit ½ GN

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