Sealing systems

The most effective sealing solution

Standard sealing

Sealing systems to be installed on Zermat Vacuum packaging machines

Which is the most suitable sealing system?

The standard sealing system is the most suitable for all kind of bags.

Seal and cut (disconnectable or not) ideal when bags should be shrinked.

Extra wide seal: ideal for the packaging of large packages or heavy pieces.

Bi-Active seal: perfect for the packaging of pharmaceutical products or such that must be sterilized - pasteurize in autoclave system.

Special sealings: Do not hesitate to contact us to receive advice on the best sealing system for your product.

Sealing maintenance

The sealing system requires minimal maintenance.

It is necessary to maintain the Teflon protective tape that is in contact with the sealing resistances.

The seal bars are removable without tools.

It is important to check and maintain the sealing systems in perfect condition, after the vacuum quality, it is the most important point that a good vacuum packaging machine must meet.

En este video se puede apreciar el sistema de sellado con o sin corte de sobrante de bolsa. In this video you can see the sealing system with or without 1-2-cut-off seal.

In this video you can see the standard sealing system, with 3mm double convex wire.

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