Thermo-sealing with gas injection

It allows you to present your products in attractive packaging

Why we use heat sealing with gas injection?

Our traysealers with modified atmosphere packaging allow you to present your products in attractive tray-type packages.

The ZERMAT sealing machines range allow different options; there are models with all the functions, in which it is possible to perform the total vacuum in the chamber and inject the appropriate percentage of gas. Other models only perform gas blowing and tray sealing (gas sweeping).

All traysealers have the same function; the vacuum packaging of trays with gas injection inside and the sealing of the upper film.

The simplest traysealer models perform the pre-cutting of the upper film of the tray, and the user must finish the cut manually.

The most advanced traysealer models, have a mold and counter-mold system that makes automatically the sealing of the tray and the upper film cutting in its perimeter.


A product example: Minced red meat packed in a vacuum tray with inert gas injection

What do I need to seal in vacuum with gas injection?

Consumables: the maximum size of the trays to be packaged in our equipment is 325 x 265 and the upper film to make the sealing of the trays.

For the supply / bottle of GAS to inject, you can contact your usual gas supplier.

Consult our section "gas injection" and you will find different contacts of specialized companies.

The ZERMAT machine, any of our two available models allow packaging in tray with modified atmosphere.

Application of traysealers with gas injection

With this option we can vacuum pack impeccably. The products will be preserved in an optimal way, in addition to keeping a professional appearance.

The advantages of heat sealing with gas injection are different in each sector and in each product that we market. You just have to contact our advisors to inform you of the best option for your current project or business.

Types of traysealers machines with gas injection

All the traysealer machines have the same function: to pack vacuum trays with gas injection inside and seal the upper film layer to finish the packaging.

The simplest models of traysealer make the pre-cut of the upper film on the tray and the user must finish the cut manually.

The most advanced models of traysealer equip a mold and counter mold system that automatically makes the sealing of the tray and the upper film cut in the perimeter of the same.

Types of traysealers

Termoselladora TB2
Termoselladora TB3
Termoselladora TB4

Advantages of traysealing

It allows to the consumer a very attractive and comfortable presentation of the product.

More attractive presence of package.

The same preservation and expiration properties as in bagging.

More homogeneous distribution of gas inside the package.

Thermosealing prevents crushing of the food.

Do you need more information ?

Check our library for more information about gas injection. You will discover all its advantages and uses according to the product you work with.

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