Connecting conveyor belt

El complemento perfecto para la sincronización de envasadoras


This accessory is the perfect complement for the synchronization of one or several packaging machines to the automated ZERMAT shrinking and drying tunnels

100% AISI 304 stainless steel structure.

Manufactured in different sizes, standard band width 600mm.

Adjustable height.

Removable side walls.

Paredes laterales extraíbles.

The height of the tape is adjustable in +/- 100mm.

Adjustable supports by stainless steel thread.

Modular transport belt with food certificate.

Fixed transport speed (optionally adjustable).

Electrical connection 3F - 380V. / 220V.


Position the tape for a correct reception of bags and configure their delivery to the shrink tunnel or weighing / labelling line.

Belt cv1000+.1

Transportador especial modelo CT-G para sincronizar con los equipos de loncheado automático GRAEF

Tape of special design to synchronize with slicing equipment.

Specific for the transport of food.

Height adjustable support.

220V electrical connection.

Stainless steel and PVC structure.

IP65 protection.

Removable conveyor for easy cleaning.

Easily adjustable transport speed.