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Why the traysealer option?

Traysealing, with or without gas injection, allows you to present your products in attractive tray-type packages. We will avoid squashing and poor presentation by choosing this option.
With this option we can vacuum pack flawlessly. Products will be optimally preserved in addition to maintaining a professional appearance.

The advantages of tray sealing with gas injection are different in each sector and in each product we sell. In any case, we can highlight the following:

• It allows a very attractive and comfortable product presentation for the consumer.
• Most attractive packaging presentation.
• Same conservation and expiration properties as bag packaging.
• More homogeneous distribution of gas inside the tray.
• Tray sealing prevents crushing of food

  • Control panel with 10 programs.
  • Able to absorb 5 to 10 cycles.
  • Control panel with 20 programs.
  • Progressive soft air inlet
  • Production of molds for each tray.
  • A control panel easy to understand
  • Model with automatic system for loading and unloading of trays.
  • Production of molds with design to be choosed

Traysealer TB5

  • Model with automatic system for loading and unloading of trays.
  • Production of molds with design to be choosed

Zermat one step ahead,

The technology that we apply in our packaging and traysealing equipment eliminates the air contained in the tray and replaces it with a natural gas required by the food, based on the food's own microbiological, enzymatic and metabolic parameters.

The oxygen in the air is approximately 20% and it can be reduced to almost 0%, decreasing in many cases spoilage reactions in food.


Technological advantages

Traysealing extends the life of the food, without the need for preservatives or freezing. This allows storage in refrigerators with temperatures of 2 to 4 ºC, or at room temperature depending on the characteristics of the product.

Unlike other sealing systems, here, a perfect change of atmosphere is achieved without the use of any vacuum and it can be used with the most delicate products.

This means that, our equipment can be compact, with very low electrical consumption and a very low level of noise and maintenance. This technique allows you to work at high speed.


How it works,

  • It works as follows; it displaces the air stayed in the head space of the package by means of a continuous stream of the gas or gases of interest.
  • The seal head lowers up to 3mm above the edge of the tray.
  • The tray is covered by the sealing head.
  • The existing atmosphere is expelled from the tray.
  • A mixture of gases, the most suitable for each application, is introduced into the tray.
  • The plastic film is sealed to the edge of the tray. The tray is hermetically sealed when most of the air has been replaced.
  • The sealing head finished its cycle. It makes a perimeter cut on the periphery of the tray.
  • The life of the products is extended. It can be stored and transported at temperatures of 0º degrees.
  • Accuracy in oxygen levels.
  • High performance.

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This technique is called MAP or EAP (Protective Atmosphere Packaging). This process is carried out mainly to increase the useful life of the product, it provides greater protection and prevent the product from losing its color.

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