Casing filling machine

SR 90N


SR 90N, a perfect tool for the automatic filling of the casing into the filling machine.

This machine, exclusively designed and manufactured by Zermat, has been in continuous production since 1979.

Simple, easy and safe handling. Made of stainless steel for optimal maintenance and quick cleaning. In addition, it does not require an electrical connection, only pneumatic.

Zermat, a pioneer in the manufacture of this equipment since 1979

Technical specifications

External dimensions: 240 x 320 x 480 mm
Pneumatic connection: 6-8 bar (tube 8mm.)

Características dimensiones (An x La x Al)


  • It increases the profitability of the filling machine by 40%.
  • Simple, easy and safe handling.
  • Construction in stainless steel and PVC.
  • High quality components for maximum durability.
  • Clean and robust design.
  • Useful for all types of synthetic and natural casings.
  • Does not require electrical connection.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Cleaning with water under pressure.
  • Fixing system to table by means of suction support.
  • Suction support.
  • Essential accessory to achieve maximum performance and production in meat stuffing machines.
  • With this addition, the user of the filling machine operates more comfortably and it increases very much the production in kg / h.
  • Robust machine, very simple and reliable.


  • Fixing system for processing table by
  • Special hanging brackets stuffer

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