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With vacuum packaging we can preserve food with all its properties

In Zermat we are manufacturers in vacuum packaging machinery since 1979, these have allowed us to reach today with extensive experience and knowledge on the product at a highly professional level.

Our vacuum packaging machines meet the demand of different types of needs

For vacuum packaging at the domestic level, for bars or kitchens of restaurants with little space or for laboratories we have the SMALL SERIES with more than 10 models to adapt to each specific need. A perfect ally is the MODEL JAZZVAC ATOM, a professional machine with features for high demands. Vacuum packaging process programmable by time, German vacuum pump, capacity for bags of all types up to 20x30 cm, and the possibility of dividing the bag into two compartments for vacuum packaging of liquid and product separately for example.

For industrial vacuum packaging we have the MEDIUM range or the MEDIUM PLUS range

For industrial vacuum packaging we have the MEDIUM RANGE or the MEDIUM PLUS RANGE.

In this range we have 7 models available for different needs. Robust machines, stainless steel, digital and programmable panel, isolated electrical panel and followed by options to achieve maximum productivity by improving the times in the production lines. ç

A perfect option to achieve the best results in industrial vacuum packaging ideal for working with large parts is the MODEL CV1400. A model with a robust design and a powerful pump, inert gas injection, internal plates for liquids and can be complemented with the internal automatic ejection tape and continuous link ramp.

For the double-bell professional vacuum packaging we have the LARGE and LARGE PLUS range.

For double-bell professional vacuum packaging we have the LARGE RANGE and the LARGE PLUS RANGE.

All a series of models, more than 8 options, to become a highly competitive company reducing production times and reducing the time of empty packaging. From the smallest model in dimensions to the largest all include the best features, double optimal hood for all types of products, simple maintenance, removable base support bars, hygienic design.

One option that meets all the requirements to be a perfect choice for professional vacuum packaging is the DC950PRO MODEL.

It is a model of vacuum packaging of double continuous bell, vacuum equipment with automatic lid working system and integrated sliding tapes, lid arms with safety sensor for greater protection. This model is perfect to synchronize with retractable and automatic drying systems.

The ZERMAT offer is complemented by multiple options to automate production processes and reduce time considerably. Checking the RETRACTABLE, DRYING and THERMOSELLING options can be a guarantee to optimally complete our vacuum packaging process, achieving the best results and the best quality.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to advise you personally with the best option for your business, plant or sector.

With Zermat extend the life of your products

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