Zermat in the magazine “Cuina”

This month in the magazine “Cuina” Zermat shows you the benefits of cooking and vacuum packing

“Envasant al buit, cuina i conserva” (“Vacuum packing, cooking and preserving”) is that with Zermat packaging and vacuum packaging, it is a guarantee of freshness, weight, texture and, above all, to ensure the flavor of our plate.

There are more products than we imagine that we can vacuum pack. Full dishes, sauces, all kinds of meat and fish.

REVISTA-CUINES-225-MARÇ-copia And it is that already in other editions of the magazine we proposed the recipe of Pau Bernils, restaurant chef El Celler de Matadepera

“Carpaccio de Presa Ibérica con Emulsión de Pimiento Rojo”

(“Carpaccio de Presa Ibérica with Emulsion of Red Pepper”)


To complete our dishes with a perfect presentation we have a luxury ally. The Graef Cutter.

With Graef Cutters you can get gastronomic wonders taking advantage of the German quality.

If you want to discover more about this luxury pack this year by buying a vacuum packing machine JazzVac Atom Zermat gives you a Graef Cutter . With this pack you will have a kitchen set of the highest quality

Consult features and benefits of these two machines JazzVac Atom Cortadoras Graef With Zermat extend the life of your products

Published on March, number 225 “Cuina, menjar·beure·viure”

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