Sous Vide Recipe by Roger Có

This month on the magazine “Cuina” Zermat shows the recipe: Sardines with vegetables

The vacuum cooking, or sous vide as it is popularly known, allows the products to absorb all the juices of the mash. In this way, a whole world of possibilities is opened, developing a high gastronomic creativity.

There are numerous recipes applying this technique where, in addition to gaining in flavor, they can be vacuum packed after processing. Thus, even at the time of consumption, the recipe maintains 10 times more all its properties and nutrients.

REVISTA-CUINES-227-ABRIL-3 In this edition, Roger Có, chef at Villamás restaurant in S’Agaró (Girona), explains how to make the recipe:

“Sardines with vegetables”

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Published on May, number 227 “Cuina, menjar·beure·viure”

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