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5 advantages of packaging and cooking

“Envasa, Cuina i Conserva” (“Package, cook and keep”) because with the Zermat vacuum packaging machines, we can keep our dishes simple and fast. We pack them and cook them later and surprise our guests. It is the optimal way to preserve all the properties, texture and taste of the dishes made.

envasado al vacío

And there are many dishes that we can vacuum pack and prepare them at the moment. That saves us time and guarantees success in events or in our day to day at family level.


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Discover 5 advantages of vacuum packaging:

1-Extend the shelf life: we can pack both fresh products and processed products. This allows us to extend the useful life of the same avoiding that they spoil or form micro organisms due to the oxidant power of O2.

2-Time saving: Plan our dishes. By applying the vacuum packaging conservation system, we can prepare different dishes and keep them for later consumption.

3-We preserve the texture, the flavor and the nutrients: thanks to the vacuum packing techniques the food is protected and at the same time the corresponding texture, flavor as the first day and all the nutrients of each one will remain at their highest value food.

4-No odor pollution: Vacuum packaging food does not get odors and flavors from other products that are frozen around. They are preserved intact without alterations or cross contamination.

5-Consuming products out of season: Being able to vacuum pack allows us to have food at different times of the year which are not available due to its seasonality. With the technique of vacuum packaging we keep them for later consumption.

To complete our dishes with a perfect presentation we have a luxury ally.

The Graef Cutter With the Graef Cutters you can get gastronomic wonders taking advantage of the German quality. If you want to discover more about this luxury pack this year for the purchase of a vacuum packing machine JazzVac Atom Zermat gives you a Cortadroa Graef.

With this pack you will have a kitchen set of the highest quality.

Read more about features and benefits of these machines

JazzVac Atom Cortadoras Graef

With Zermat extend the life of your products

Published on April, number 226 “Cuina, menjar·beure·viure”

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