High Production vacuum packaging Machines



Double continuous bell packaging.
Vacuum equipment with automatic lid working system and integrated sliding tapes. Perfect for synchronization with retractable and automatic drying systems.

It allows the user to avoid any worry, just place the bags on the conveyor belts

Technical specifications

  • External dimensions: 2424 x 1130 x 1240 mm
  • Camera interior dimensions: 280 x 1000 x 890 mm
  • Vacuum pump: 380/220V
  • Connection: Busch 300 m/h
  • Power: 22Kw
  • Weight: 867 Kg
Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)


  • Integral construction in Aisi304 stainless steel
  • Upper bell with automatic movement, operated by the user or programmable for operation of continuous work
  • Full vacuum cycle: 25 to 55 seconds
  • Welding bars with double sealing of the bag or simple seal + excess cut (level of independent adjustable welding and cutting)
  • Flat inner chamber with removable conveyor belts for easy cleaning.

Control panel with the followings functions

  • Vacuum control by time (seconds) and vacuum sensor
  • Sealing time control (seconds) and cooling of the bar
  • 'STOP' button for the immediate interruption of the cycle
  • 'STOP Vacuum' actuator to stop the vacuum level manually
  • Programmer
  • Configuration of technical values (sensors, valves )
  • Possibility of connection - synchronization with adhesive label printer
  • Configuration of text and values in printable labels.
  • Review of produced cycles and hours of work, for periodic checks and maintenance
  • Activation of the H2O Special packaged


  • Internal filling tables to replace the tapes and operate the equipment manually
  • Interior inclined ramps for the packaging of bags with liquids (in manual mode)
  • Kit of basic spare parts or advanced kit
Detalle DC950Pro
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