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A good professional will always look for the best tools to maximize their potential. That is why the combination of the Zermat JazzVac Atom vacuum packaging machine, together with the GRAEF Slicer C21 is one of the best solutions for small spaces in the domestic or professional field.


As always, in this issue of the Cuina magazine, Zermat brings you the best combination. This time we have given prominence to the luxury couple that cannot be missed in any kitchen

"Zermat Vacuum Packaging + GRAEF slicer  "
"The ideal promotion: The best slicer next to the first professional domestic vacuum packaging machine"
"Promotion valid until 31.12.2020"


Jazzvac Atom

We find that often the space in kitchens is limited. We need a professional vacuum packaging, but a small machine.

The tabletop packaging machines are usually of low capacity and with a semi-professional packaging system. If the packaging machine is not perfect in its vacuum packaging function, the product will not be well sealed and the texture and flavor will be minimal.

We run the risk of not preserving the product optimally.


With the JazzVac ATOM, the vacuum system works through the Busch Vacuum Pump, as in all Zermat vacuum packaging machines. Choosing the best product ensures that we can manufacture the best solution.

Un envasado de jamón loncheado
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Graef slicer C21

With an ideal complement in your kitchen, you can cook recipes to consume at any other time. You can also pack seasonal products and use them in your dishes at another time of year enjoying special flavors.

Now, with the JazzVac Atom, you have the possibility to obtain the GRAEF slicer C21 , the most useful and compact slicer to perform the function of cutting and slicing your products.

Always, following the line of small equipment,  has not to affect mobility and work space in your kitchen

Cortadora GRAEF C21

Jazzvac Atom, promotion details


• JazzVac Atom vacuum packaging machine
• 100 vacuum bags 20x30 cm
• GRAEF C21 slicer
• Robust packaging for shipment
• 3 years warranty
• Delivery in 24 hours



And remember, we are available for more information or any doubt 


Cortadora GRAEF C21
Zermat JazzVac Atom

Vídeo-Receipt with the JazzVac Atom

Take note of this idea: Macerate a steak with the sousvide technique.

A video-recipe for you to discover the possibilities of your new vacuum packaging machine.

With Zermat extend the life of your products

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