Slicing and vacuum packaging

They join automatically or manually to facilitate the work

Available standardized automations and projects design/development as required.

Since 2000, the slicing of food has not stopped growing. Currently the consumer is increasingly demanding with the presentation and convenience of consumption of packaged foods, forcing manufacturers and processors to serve the product well sliced and perfectly packaged. From meats, sausages, cheeses, smoked, processed, sweet ... ZERMAT offers solutions to adapt to each production.

Always offering solutions

Standaryzed equipment for common uses and applications, and development and integration of special projects as required for each project.

Extensive experience guaranteed by countless projects for the slicing and packaging of all types of food, from ham, meat, smoked meats, sausages, stews, cheeses, Carpaccio, sweets ...


Our technical-commercial team, with an extensive experience in the development of projects for the automation of sliced and vacuum-packaging is at your disposal to help you develop your idea.
Do not hesitate to contact us, all our knowledge is at your fingertips!



Vacuum packaging + automatic slicing

Slicing and packaging work together automatically to facilitate the work to the user.
Different configurations of automatic slicers with or without conveyor belt, synchronized with or without intermediate user, to manual vacuum packaging machines or of continuous automatic process.

Solutions and standard developed automations

INVAC: 100% automatic system, slicing with or without separating paper, weight control, bagging and vacuum packaging.

TRAYGIVER: Automatic system for the slicing of products and positioning on the trays.

DISKGIVER: Automatic dispenser of paraffined paper dividing sheets or platessupport plates for square or circular slices to synchronize with an automatic GRAEF slicer.

INTERGIVER: Automatic dispenser of support or dividing sheets between the slices.

The perfect combination of the best tools for the slicing and vacuum packaging

Sliced foods, packed in a bag or on a tray?

Each package has its advantages and disadvantages, and according to each food and format, it will be more appropriate to use a type of packaging or other...

Packaging in bag 

- Lower cost in the package, only the bag is required.

- Less storage space and reduction in transport costs.

- High brightness of the slices and attractive presentation for the consumer.

As a main disadvantage, the crushing of the slices and greater difficulty of handling for the consumer, compared to the packaging in the sealed tray with vacuum and gas injection.
The bag packaging is recommended for most low cost products, cured meats and sausages, and products for export.


Packaging on tray: 

The advantages in this type of package is:
- The attractive presence of food.

- Comfort in handling.

- Easy to consumption for the final customer. They can open the tray and serve directly to the plate or on the table.

The main disadvantage may be the cost; the specific machine is required. In this presentation are involved the costs of the tray, the upper film and the gas to be injected.
This type of packaging is recommended for large quantities or sliced formats with high added value.


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