Vacuum packaging of liquids

All ZERMAT packaging machine range allows the sealing of bags with liquids.

¿How does it do it?

The ZERMAT packaging machine must have installed this option.

We activate the option LIQUID CONTROL in the control panel of the packaging machine and we configure the program with this function.

The process is automatic: During the vacuum cycle, at the moment when the sensor detects an accelerated movement of the particles inside the chamber, it stops the vacuum and orders the machine to pass to the sealing cycle, of this way the liquid never comes out through the opening of the bag.

*The liquid control option is available on all models of the BLUESVAC serie.

Sensor control

Wet or liquid products have a tendency to reach the boiling point quickly during the vacuum process.
Wet products can even be cooked when they are cold.

All ZERMAT packaging equipment allow to be equipped with the automatic liquid control.

When this function is activated, the sensor detects quickly and accurately the vapor phase of liquid or wet products. This prevents the product from reaching the boiling point during the vacuum process. Therefore, it avoids damage to the food and to the vacuum pump.

Why add this option:

The food to be packaged does not lose moisture.

The food to be packed does not deteriorate due to boiling.

The machine remains clean during the whole service.

The pump oil does not lose its qualities due to not sucking moisture.

It avoids that the internal parts of the pump can oxidize.

Optimum cycle time, faster vacuum process.