Vac Giver


Electric connection 380V 3F - 220V 3F - 220V 1F
Dimensions: 900 x 600 x 950mm.
Package dimensions: 1 EUR Pallet 1200 x 800 x 1200mm.
It allows working with bags: From 80x180mm - Up to 500x1000mm
Weight: 48 Kg

Dimensions Characteristics (W x H x H)
  • The construction of the machine is carriage type and is configured with two fixed feet and two wheels so that the user can transport it to the work point.
  • For the operation with this equipment, it is essential to use bags of shrinkable material, and that these come in a continuous format glued by adhesive tape.
¿Why to use the Vac Giver accessory?
  • This machine is the ideal complement for the packaging of heavy quantities of products.
  • One of the points to streamline in the bagging process is the placement of the product within the same bag.
  • The Vac Giver machine allows the user to greatly speed up this process, since it assists in the opening of the bag so that placing the product inside it is a quick task.
  • Greater work comfort for the user.
  • Maximum agility in the bagging of products.
  • Relevant saving time and a significant increase in production.
Setting of Vac Giver
  • Place the box of bags* en la parte inferior. on the bottom. The machine has a space enabled for this
    The bags have to be of a shrinkable material and have to come in a continuous format glued by adhesive tape.
  • Once the bag box is in its place, the adhesive tapes have to be fixed to the built-in traction motor. Turn on the machine and the process is automatic; the air blowing system opens each bag, and when starting it, the machine prepares the next one, so that the operator carries out the operation continuously.